Thursday, December 25, 2014

Giving From The Heart

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This Christmas, we wanted to share this touching story. One of our former hostesses wrote to tell us about a girlfriend who lost everything in a fire that burned her whole house down.  It reminded us that we have so much to be grateful for and that joy truly is, giving from the heart.

When we loose everything, sometimes we're surprised to find what we treasure and miss the most. 

Aston, our first remote hostess, had hosted a Jay + Renae trunk show a while back. We're glad to say that she had a fun time with friends and enjoyed a successful party! Earlier in the month, she wrote us to inquire about reordering a necklace that one of her girlfriends had purchased. It was a custom order personized necklace by Alana Little of MakePieNotWar. In her email she explains...

The reason for this email is that one of the girlfriends from my trunk show house burned down about two weeks ago. They completely lost everything, but so very thankful they are all safe and okay. It was crazy. Their dryer had caught on fire during the day and the fire department came quickly and put it out. But due to the lingering smell and having a 9mo old and a 7yr old, they stayed at her parent's house for the evening. Well, apparently it caught on fire again in the middle of the night and completely burned the house to the ground. They literally lost everything.  But God was so good to protect them, and our community have reached out to help them.

When I saw her tonight she told me that one item she lost was her necklace that she had purchased at the trunk show. It had both her boys names inscribed on it. I would like to buy her another. I cannot remember exactly who the designer was, but I think it was MakePieNotWar. I can describe the necklace if need be or send a picture (another friend bought the same one). Just not sure what I needed to do or where to begin in getting it replaced for her.

Thanks so much!

The story really struck us. Imagine losing everything to a fire! Especially with two little one's so close to the holidays. Well, we simply had to do something ... her story made our hearts break but also, we are so honored to find out that one of our handmade pieces is so meaningful. So we replied to Aston right away and promised to take care of it.  We wanted to surprise both Aston and Julie and replace the necklace as a gift from us at Jay + Renae. We notified our member Designer Alana Little and she got to work right away so it could be finished in time for Christmas. 

This is what Aston wrote to us just before Christmas Eve...

I had the privilege of delivering the necklace to Julie today. It was a complete surprise. She told me that this necklace was one of the first things she thought about as she realized everything in her house was destroyed by fire. She was heartbroken because she had not had it long and it was the first thing she owned that had both her boy's names on it. We talked about how some items seem so small and insignificant to others, but are invaluable to you because of what they mean or represent. They can never be replaced by anything else. She was overjoyed to be given the exact necklace that she had lost. You made it possible to replace one of the items she held so dear. 

Thank you! This made her Christmas! 

Thank you Aston, for sharing this story with us and for giving us an opportunity to be a part of this joy. Julie, we hope you enjoy your necklace and that it brings as much joy as the original that you lost to the fire. 

Merry Chistmas everyone. 

Your friends at Jay + Renae

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